Curso de Psicologia de Campos dos Goytacazes

Efeitos do treinamento sensoriomotor no controle inibitório de pessoas idosas

Vinculado à Erick Conde

[EM INGLÊS] On the Simon task, responses are faster when stimulus and response locations coincide than when they occur on opposite sides, named the Simon effect. Several studies suggest that the Simon effect is modulate after a spatial incompatibility task in young adults. This modulation has been associated to new short-term associations induced by the previous incompatibility practice and was named the transfer-of-learning effect. Much evidence indicates that the Simon effect is typically larger for older adults than for young adults, and it is well established that cognitive performance declines during the aging process. Considering these two aspects, one can assume that the Simon effect would be more difficult to modulate by incompatibility practice.

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